Strategic Research

Benefit from Jordan & Jordan’s industry perspective, knowledge base, network and market research skills to discover and evaluate new opportunities to expand your business.

  • Gain further insight into your target customers’ needs and preferences
  • Guide product development and marketing by analyzing your product’s positioning, packaging and pricing relative to competitors
  • Capitalize on change in global markets, regulations, and technology to develop new revenue streams
  • Leverage Jordan & Jordan’s network of industry experts, thought leaders and decision-makers to paint the market landscape, identify developing trends and provide interesting perspectives

Relevant Engagements

  • For numerous clients,we have conducted extensive primary market research to support product development initiatives with detailed information related to business requirements, user preferences, distribution channels, pricing structures, and other information critical to successful service introduction.
  • For a premier network provider, conducted in-depth research to develop a strategic plan including a road map and tactical action plan for organic growth as well as longer term recommendations for vertical expansion of services.
  • For a global information services provider looking to capitalize on the increase in regulatory requirements, we completed an opportunity analysis, analyzed the vendor’s assets and capabilities, identified specific industry needs for compliance that aligned with the vendor’s strengths, and recommended strategies to target specific areas in regulatory reporting.