Market Data Reporting (MDR)

Jordan & Jordan’s MDR managed services solution provides reporting and related services to ensure compliance with licensing, provisioning, distribution and reporting policies. The MDR solution allows you to leverage Jordan & Jordan’s extensive market data industry knowledge to assist with the following:


Exchange and Vendor Reporting

  • Perform exchange and third party market data reporting for global exchanges on behalf of clients
  • Report usage for global exchanges to respective exchanges and third parties based on applicable reporting policies including netting and role-based waivers


Multiple Instance Single User (MISU) Credits

  • Ensure applicable MISU agreements are in place and fully utilized
  • Create monthly MISU reports (NYSE, UTP & OPRA) to receive credits for users who access data on multiple devices
  • Work with firms to assist in obtaining MISU credits for exchanges by providing requirements for corrective action for any accuracy of inventory data issues
  • Perform monthly MISU analysis of user and cost savings


Audit and Compliance Support

  • Assist with exchange and vendor audits
  • Provide monthly break reports identifying any changes compared to previous month’s reportable counts
  • Advise firms on new or updated exchange policies and licensing requirements
  • Identify cost savings opportunities through Jordan & Jordan’s wide-ranging understanding of exchange policies
  • Perform annual application compliance assessments


Other Services

  • Provide on-going maintenance of data use policies, regulations and prices for exchanges used by clients
  • Ensure necessary contracts are in place with exchanges and notify firm of contractual updates or additional licensing requirements
  • Assistance with completing new exchange licensing documentation
  • Access to Jordan & Jordan’s proprietary Exchange Policy Guide
  • Access to Jordan & Jordan’s market data Compliance Computer-Based Training